2015 Teams

2015 Teams

10 Architects Orange

Architects Orange

“Rise Above Hunger”

Cans: 4,888

11 Bassenian Lagoni

Bassenian | Logoni Architects

“Finding Food”

Cans: 4,918

15 Bickel

Bickel Group Architecture

“Feeding the Country, One Crop at a Time”

Cans: 4,918

20 Disnelyand

Disneyland Resort | Design & Engineering

“If Elephants Can Fly, We CAN End Hunger!”

Cans: 4,200

12 Fluor


“California Dreamin’ of an End to World Hunger”

Cans: 4,285

14 Hall and Foreman

Hall & Foreman

“Healthy Living is a Long Life Journey”

Cans: 4,000

13 Jeffrey Rome

Jeffrey Rome & Associates

“Have We Satisfied Your Hunger”

Cans: 3,604


KTGY Group, Inc.

“Being the ‘FORCE’ Against Hunger”

Cans: 4,560

17 Little

Little Diversified Architecture

“Mining Cans to End Hunger”

Cans: 3,654

08 McCarthy

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

“Food for Friends”

Cans: 7,410

09 Michael Baker

Michael Baker International

“We emoti-CAN End Hunger”

Cans: 5,169

MVE - Fuscoe "We CAN Strike Against Hunger"

MVE + Partners and Fuscoe Engineering, Inc.

“We CAN Strike Against Hunger”

Cans: 4,130

18 Technip (2)

Technip Stone + Webster Process Technology

“A PandApple a Day Keeps the Hunger Away!”

Cans: 2,730

16 WATG--RD Olson

WATG and R.D. Olson Construction

“Lending a Helping Hand… One Can at a Time”

Cans: 9,315

02 CW Driver

C.W. Driver Companies

“Making Hunger Extinct”

Cans: 5,304

01 Gregg Maedo

Gregg Maedo + Associates, Inc.

“The Force Awakens to Fight Hunger”

Cans: 3,369

04 Hensel Phelps

Hensel Phelps

“Don’t Be LAX About Hunger”

Cans: 4,100

06 Jacobs


“Hunger is No Match for our Appetite”

Cans: 3,020

05 Westgroup-Snyder Langston

Westgroup Designs and Snyder Langston

“Cantaining Hunger”

Cans: 4,200