2016 Teams






Architects Orange

“CANifornia Burrito”

Cans: 5,855

Bassenian | Logoni Architects

“Two Scoops Against Hunger”

Cans: 2,600

Building Trades Network

“No House Should Go Hungry”

Cans: 3,232

Disneyland Resort | Design & Engineering

“Together We CAN Turn Hunger Inside Out!”

Cans: 6,425

Dougherty + Dougherty

“The Hungry Duckling”

Cans: 5,980

Douglas Pancake Architects & Silverado

“Stacked Up Against Hunger”

Cans: 2,492

Ewing Cole

“Lose Hunger. Find Dory”

Cans: 5,036


“Hunger Out!”

Cans: 4,223

Jeffrey Rome & Associates

“Celebrate a Life on a Full Stomach!”

Cans: 10,321



Cans: 3,008

Little Diversified Architecture

“Can FÜd Panda, Fighting the Forces of Hunger”

Cans: 5,900

McCarthy Building Companies

“Don’t Gamble with Hunger”

Cans: 3,028

Michael Baker International

“Gotta Feed ‘Em All”

Cans: 5,163

SoCal Gas

“Together, We CAN Fuel a Better Future”

Cans: 1,434

Vanir Construction Management

“Drive Out Hunger”

Cans: 2,100

Withee Malcolm Architects

“Fighting Hugner Madders”

Cans: 6,000