2014 Teams

2014 Teams

Bassenian Lagoni Architects

Bassenian | Lagoni Architects

“ORANGE You Glad We Are Helping to End Hunger?”

Cans: 2,332

Building Trades Network

Building Trades Network

“Measure Up and Hammer Out Hunger!”

Cans: 1,776

ca Architects


“Flatten Hunger”

Cans: 3,890

CH2M Hill

CH2M Hill

“Get Your Fill with Tetris”

Cans: 3,318


Disneyland Resort | Design & Engineering

“Melt Away Hunger… (because some things are worth melting for)”

Cans: 4,932

Driver Urban & Driver SPG

Driver URBAN / Driver SPG

“Take a Scoop out of Hunger”

Cans: 5,441



“Our LEGOcy To Children”

Cans: 5,258



“A Beacon of Hope to Fight Hunger”

Cans: 4,250

Gregg Maedo

Gregg Maedo + Associates, Inc.

“CANzilla Destroys Hunger”

Cans: 2,710

Hall & Foreman

Hall & Foreman, Inc.

“Bursting Hunger’s Bubble”

Cans: 2,800

Hensel Phelps

Hensel Phelps

“There’s No Hunger in Paradise”

Cans: 2,100

J.R. Miller & Associates

J.R. Miller & Associates – Architects | Engineers | Planners

“Hunger CREEPS Us Out!”

Cans: 2,730



“We refuse to be (Koi) about Hunger….we will fight (the tide) for as long as it takes”

Cans: 2,519

McCarthy Building Companies

McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

“Changing the Face of Hunger”

Cans: 2,315

MVE + Partners, Inc.

MVE + Partners, Inc.

“Take a Bite out of Hunger!”

Cans: 5,002

RBF Consulting

RBF Consulting, a Company of Michael Baker International

“Cut Out Hunger”

Cans: 4,667

SVA Architects

SVA Architects

“Don’t Let Hunger Drag-On”

Cans: 5,680

Technip Stone & Webster Process

Technip Stone & Webster Process Technology

“Making Healthy Eating Famous”

Cans: 4,520

Terracon Consultants

Terracon Consultants

“Erasing Hunger”

Cans: 3,160