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Voting Has Closed for the 2016 Canstruction® Awards. Check back soon for information about the 2017 Canstruction® Competition!

Congratulations to the 2016 Winners

HONORABLE MENTION – Ewing Cole:  “Lose Hunger. Find Dory” (Total Cans: 5,036) depicting Dory from Disney’s ‘Finding Dory’.

HONORABLE MENTION – Withee Malcolm Architects: “Fighting Hunger Madders” (Total Cans: 6,000) depicting a Mad Hatter.

MOST CANS – Jeffrey Rome & Associates: “Celebrate Life On a Full Stomach!” (Total Cans: 10,321) depicting La Muerte from ‘The Book of Life,’ coming forth from inside a book.

BEST MEAL – Architects Orange: “CANifornia Burrito” (Total Cans: 5,855) depicting a healthy version of the Southern California burrito.

STRUCTURAL INGENUITY – Little Diversified Architecture: “Can FÜd Panda, Fighting the Forces of Hunger” (Total Cans: 5,900) depicting Po from ‘Kung Fu Panda’.

BEST USE OF LABELS – FLUOR: “Hunger Out!” (Total Cans: 4,223) depicting Kobe Bryant and a black mamba snake.

JURY’S FAVORITE – Jeffrey Rome & Associates: “Celebrate Life On a Full Stomach!

PEOPLE’S CHOICE – Jeffrey Rome & Associates: “Celebrate Life On a Full Stomach!

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